To Artists: An Address

The created create, yes–
but never ex nihilo, scraping from within the frame of self
To do so presses unnecessary strain
to the boundaries of a fragile vessel
The forcing of a birth and invention of an embryo
Then, is it Real? Can it be? Self seeded to self

Not created to create another self-centered universe
the cosmos is already Self-centered, necessarily
There is only one Creator who pours out Himself endlessly
We empty; He is always full
We do not burn with Life from before the ancient days, but must be set aflame…

Sunlight beats and bleaches hair, bone
ever and only more white, dry, dead… Fading
But breathing beings? With thirsting skin and hungering minds
The Light quickens, livens, causes to breathe,
{like honey}
Gushing, glowing, healing energy,

Artists, live from within your place before Him,
as one to be filled,
as a created one,
as His.

Commit not the Contradiction
of trying to pull Life from your own being and creating alone

May He be the breath of Life to your creations,
at times joyously unexpected, tensely anticipated
but always close, intwining His hands to yours,
showing Himself one with you as your hands fashion and shape, together.


2 thoughts on “To Artists: An Address

  1. Kelly, some wonderful turns of phrase here about our partnering with God and, of necessity, our derivative existence from His, but even richer theology: “intwining His hands to yours” could be a restatement of God’s love in the Incarnation. Love it! Your final line is the theology of union with Christ (e.g., 1 Cor 6:12-20).

    Keep writing, and if it ends up being to your self…listen and learn with the rest of your readers. Thanks for pouring your classes into wonderful poetry.

    BTW, would you call that a prayer, a “wish”, or what?
    Thanks for sharing


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