against the backdrop
of such a God
with such a history
    with creation and humanity since the Genesis

what can we say when You shine through?
when we said You would not, could not
when gloom of cloud and shroud of murk are forced to show themselves prisms
    proven, cultivated, placed bearers of Your light

You see all, yet hide us, when You outline our forms
wounds, scars, secret thoughts of sin–vulnerable, visible
yet wrapped in You, for only You see this way
    Gentle Maker, we are safe in Your eyes

praise to the One (!)

who makes darkness turn to light unexpectedly
who forces our sin-shrunken perspectives wider and wider open every day
who sees our entire beings
    and looks with love.


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The sunset, as visible from McHenry, IL on Nov. 29. After a completely grey day in every sense of the word. Photos taken by Chris and me, all rights reserved.



3 thoughts on “backdrop

  1. Beautiful Kelly. I like the “thick” theological poetry as much as the profiles in fading sun. You make room for mystery, both with God and with life as we know it to be. Inspiring, encouraging, and livening! thanks, AS


  2. Thank you for sharing, Kelly. These thoughts harken me to musings from my Genesis class and Sys Theo class right now–the gracious ways God interacted with our imperfect Father Abraham, how He shows us such grace and patience too, and the union with Christ we share, hidden in Him. I appreciate how you’ve captured such beauty within your writing Backdrop.


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