“I am Joseph”

In need, the long-promised eleven surround this discerning and mighty ruler once a brother, once a slave. The moment the dream came true and Joseph saw stars. Memories surged: belittled, betrayed, broken… abandoned. Yet, impossibly, for these same wounding ones it was only love which coursed from his eyes. The golden power of Egypt cast aside that they may come close, know his face.


“I am Joseph” by K Grace Collins. Oil pastel, 9 X 12 in. All rights reserved.


untitled (1 of 1)


The LORD’s mysterious affection for life inversions brought Joseph through a much-dark and winding way, His love and faithfulness forging and bounding the tight twists and turns, the pattern known only to Him…

Upon emerging, Joseph found he stood glimmering with favor and strength-made-whole, both tested and healed.



5 thoughts on ““I am Joseph”

  1. Kelly, this is beautiful. I feel peace… warmth… when I look at his portrait. I love the story of Joseph…how the Lord had to work him and mold him into a humble, faithful servant. You have captured his forgiveness and unconditional love for his brothers.


  2. “mysterious affection for life inversions”…so rich, Kelly! Your words beautifully engage the picture. Both are mutually informing. Like Frodo holding the ring in his hand, standing before the daunting trial of a new journey…is Joseph standing, holding the shroud of power that he is now laying aside. So powerful.

    I might suggest adding the Hebrew personal pronoun, אני (“I am [Joseph]”). Well done!


  3. Dear Kelly,

    I love this–both the painting and the narrative!

    What do the Hebrew letters spell, Joseph?

    Love, Grandma

    Sent from my iPad



  4. Beautifully done. We don’t always know the purpose for the things God brings into our lives, but we do know that He is weaving His pattern to make us more and more into the image of His Son. What a God, What a Savior. Thanks for using this precious gift for His glory. Love Linda


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