Just As Faith

Step back, back away, put some space between you and the frame… Get your hands dirty with paint or pastel? Never. Too many mistakes are possible, too many rules may be broken with your own hands. Keep your art on the wall and describe what it is like but never try it for yourself, not even a sketch. Don’t enter the world of artists, mediums, and ideas, or you might know it. Restrain, admire, discuss… But don’t know.

Don’t let Him flow from you–the boundaries you like will begin to disappear…

Become one with the Creator and He will freely create through you with your hands


the itch of the earth





you feel it


the itch of the earth

stillness through layers

aching for her Creator to come and rake through her sediments with strength

and sift her depths anew



you feel it

somewhere a stony vein through the center trembles

she felt His breath

an exhale slow with dew and weight

rocks lie in piles, trees drive roots deep

waters seep

all move with her movements in tides

it is not enough


listen to her restlessness

ever spinning ever still


waiting since–

the entry of white teeth

into the forbidden flesh

of a mysterious fruit,

grown of her virgin soils


creatures burrow…

can you feel it?


the itch of the earth