ever the Refiner’s cleansing light



Screeching reeling drunken darkness rushed forth

burst, blown open


Your Light had penetrated another of my remaining dark holds

terror surged out

Cowering, fear, doubt, all dragged to light,


their last attempts–


your God cannot see you

your God has forgotten you

your God has no special love for you


Suddenly, all was cleared–

the foundings were gone, taken captive or enveloped in light,



{left     open}


in abrupt and breathing peace


waiting for The Lord, waiting as space to be filled

with trust, safety, and knowing…


oh Jesus how can you stand to take these evils upon yourself

each one aimed at Your heart, an arrow of malice

Holy One You never run out of strength within Yourself, You never change

You stand there even as I beat Your chest with my fists.


{an encounter with Him, recorded about two weeks ago}


Pie Jesu Inverted

I had been seeing red for a few days… brilliant red, in the bottom right-ish corner of things. Create, create… the Spirit was pressing.

A tree’s trunk began to form in its place, a bold, vivid red, unashamed.

As the rest of the image began to form (rich, royal blue leaves, many-splintered orange and yellow suns…), frustration was a frequent and fickle guest. Uncertain of the picture’s purpose, its bright colors appeared childish. Only the tree was red.

But the Spirit would have it finished.

My love began to speak some of His words: “I am the true vine…” They filled the air and hung there, immanent, as He

Then, instrumental Pie Jesu broke through. Rich and soul-pulling to the moment of His deepest pain and deepest love, its melancholy chords ripe with the ever-interwined lament and beauty of His death… Just as He began to flow the red into the rest of the image, accenting the entire scene with it. He gently guided my fingers, His red bringing warmth to all the other colors, filling them… Everything made sense. And it was inside-out.

He gave His blood for us… To redeem and cleanse and make alive and make peaceful–oh how gently does redemption flow. Without His life within, there is no warmth, no kindness, no protection… His blood given for us provides all these things, drawing us into the Father’s household. Because He wanted to. Because He is love.

Pie Jesu Domine, Dona eis requiem. Pious Lord Jesu, Give them rest.

Pie Jesu Domine, Dona eis requiem sempiternam.   Pious Lord Jesu, Give them everlasting rest.

Taken with my iPhone just before it was joyously given to the one who was supposed to have it, after an Unexpected Appointment

Taken with my iPhone just before the picture was joyously given to the one who was supposed to have it, after an Unexpected Appointment


Just As Faith

Step back, back away, put some space between you and the frame… Get your hands dirty with paint or pastel? Never. Too many mistakes are possible, too many rules may be broken with your own hands. Keep your art on the wall and describe what it is like but never try it for yourself, not even a sketch. Don’t enter the world of artists, mediums, and ideas, or you might know it. Restrain, admire, discuss… But don’t know.

Don’t let Him flow from you–the boundaries you like will begin to disappear…

Become one with the Creator and He will freely create through you with your hands

the itch of the earth





you feel it


the itch of the earth

stillness through layers

aching for her Creator to come and rake through her sediments with strength

and sift her depths anew



you feel it

somewhere a stony vein through the center trembles

she felt His breath

an exhale slow with dew and weight

rocks lie in piles, trees drive roots deep

waters seep

all move with her movements in tides

it is not enough


listen to her restlessness

ever spinning ever still


waiting since–

the entry of white teeth

into the forbidden flesh

of a mysterious fruit,

grown of her virgin soils


creatures burrow…

can you feel it?


the itch of the earth