Maternity Mini Shoot: Dreamy Sunset Winter-melt

When family becomes friend,
when visits become stays,
when tears become hugs,
when memories become stories,
when sunsets become backdrops,

Roots of trust grow tough enough for any Winter’s scowl,
& love Springs constant, unfreezing through the cold ◆

untitled (1 of 10)untitled (3 of 10)untitled (4 of 10)untitled (6 of 10)untitled (7 of 10)untitled (8 of 10)

untitled (9 of 10)

Seven lines, seven images. ^_^ These photos were taken in that Indiana sunset light that always captures me. Maternity shoots are a delight; so much beauty!  Dear A., you are going to be a wonderful mommy. You were made for it ❤ All words & photos by me, K Grace Collins.


2 thoughts on “Maternity Mini Shoot: Dreamy Sunset Winter-melt

  1. Thank you Kelly for taking such wonderful pictures of our beautiful Audrey. How anxious we are to see that precious little bundle and hold her in our arms.
    And the picture of Abbie is gorgeous. You have a great talent for taking wonderful pictures. Thank you for sharing them.
    God has truly blessed us all.
    Love, Nana


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