Tiger-bright prince

Tiger-bright prince 4

4 thoughts on “Tiger-bright prince

  1. I love it. My favorite is, “The Image is not contained within the birdcage of your ribs” this is the imagery American Christians need to counter the pop culture’s muddy defenition of beauty. Looking to the Creator gives us the true understanding of beauty in His creation. Good work!


    • Thank you, Matthew. I so agree. & that part is for all of us, sons as well as daughters. The deep, intimate love of Creator for His dearest creations. We are physically fragile creatures in our humanity & He likes it that way. He made us with love & that won’t change, no matter what changes the New Earth brings to our forms. ^_^


  2. I have read your loving poem many times. The images you paint of God’s love for us gets stronger every time. Love it, and love you. Another great job.


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