Winter Portrait Mini Shoot: Wind-Dancing White Gold

Our boots punched through the crust of snow as we fought the winter wind to enter this field behind her childhood home. The cold stung our faces & the snow crept in between our hems & socks, shocking our ankles to numbness. But I knew it was all going to be worth it when I saw how the wind was dancing in her hair, turning it to a white-gold veil of fine lace strands,  drifting over her European-sky-blue eyes. Goodness! Lady C. is always so easy to shoot. In processing, I found that black & white emphasized that best. Enjoy!bw-claire-1-of-1bw-claire-1-of-8bw-claire-2-of-8bw-claire-3-of-8bw-claire-4-of-8bw-claire-5-of-8bw-claire-6-of-8bw-claire-7-of-8bw-claire-8-of-8


6 thoughts on “Winter Portrait Mini Shoot: Wind-Dancing White Gold

  1. Dearest Kelly, I keep flipping thru these lovely pictures. I especially enjoy #4 & #8, because her hair could appear in one of your lovely sketches.

    She does have a lovely face, and your shots show it wonderfully.

    Thanks for allowing me to enjoy all that our wonderful Creator God has poured into this lovely lady!

    Love, Grandma Sent from my iPhone



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