Everyday Antalya


Antalya (1 of 43)

Turkish sky tapestry, threaded with sunrise colors, is woven over

Antalya (22 of 43) Antalya (24 of 43)

Antalya (25 of 43)

early visitors to a chilled Mediterranean,

Antalya (26 of 43)

mountains and minarets,

Antalya (27 of 43)

rock giants and cliffs,

Antalya (29 of 43)

as night shadow turns with the earth, to sun.


Antalya (5 of 43)

Day is welcome,

Antalya (10 of 43)  Antalya (11 of 43)

Antalya (12 of 43)

and nearby, a local produce market debuts apples, melons, and walnuts pristine.

Antalya (13 of 43)

Vibrancy blurs by the tram window,

Antalya (14 of 43)

a sweet delivery has been made,

Antalya (15 of 43)

and friends meet to chat by the sea. 

Antalya (20 of 43)

Street cats are fed as community pets,

Antalya (34 of 43)

and, the president is visiting tomorrow! Flags out!


Antalya (31 of 43) Antalya (37 of 43)

Antalya (33 of 43)

Flowers feel no shame in casting their scent generously over all

Antalya (35 of 43)

who find rest from the sun’s heat

Antalya (36 of 43)

and in watching it disappear languidly; permission to relax

Antalya (21 of 43)

while trails left on the water glimmer like paths to the past.

All photos and words by K Grace Collins 2016, All Rights Reserved.


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