Mirror of Heaven

untitled (8 of 14)◆ IN THE TIME of the great walking bears that shook the earth with every footfall,
when humans traveled small among immense creatures and tree-giants,untitled (6 of 14)stars hung closer, leaning curious into our clear sky,
myths roamed as more than ragged, thin shadows,
and sunlight, moonlight, danced in patterns like fire…untitled (12 of 14)A man, pulled by an unsettling desire for something unknown and good
to soothe a heart torn by love,
wandered from his companions and slept by a silent lake
which had given cooling rest to his feet and mind.untitled (1 of 1)He pondered into sleep its remarkable source,
hearing the sound of water flowing from above…
and began to dream about a woman he had loved.

She stood on the waters of the silent lake.
Her footsteps had calmed it to silken stillness
so that every constellation in the deep night sky, even blushing Lady Moon,
smiled at their reflections.untitled (1 of 14)“This lake is called the Mirror of Heaven,”
she told him with a quiet confidence.
“Its waters are the tears of God Himself, they are healing!
Come learn to walk,
taking the waves and leaving a path
of order and tranquility for those behind you.
Come, still all waters with me so all will reflect heaven!”

With childlike delight in her eyes, she said,
“Let us go world-spinning and world-weaving!”untitled (14 of 14)“Let us repair the gaping holes torn in the sweeping fabric of love,
find the scars and mend them with holy mud!
Heaven comes home when all hearts reflect as a Mirror of Heaven…
Let us make haste!”untitled (10 of 14)“Oh, joy awaits…
But will you add your own tears to His?” ◆

untitled (9 of 14)

A word-painting inspired by a dream, our Lord’s prayer / calming of the sea storm, and Arthurian legend. All photos taken by K Grace Collins, all rights reserved.



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