Memory Healed

Memories are colors gathered in pools ◆ Experience produces such colors as filtered by our minds ◆ Some pools are silty with festering dregs, or briny and brackish–lifeless ◆ Some pools are golden blurred perfection, true or idealized ◆

If reminded of a person, place, thing,
the pools begin to drain, to flow
back to consciousness

Reminded of a darkness, a foul pool may run for some time
but must run dry, for healing

{Sometimes the Surgeon removes memories in kindness
by reaching down in, or moving us}

But most usually, let the memories run their course

Let Him bring healing through new people, places, things

Then you may see the new
left with soundness underneath.

Memories must serve their purpose;
and while some are cut too deep and may never bleed dry in this life,

what is left in the End will be beautiful delicate lines,
swirls of carving on our souls, immovable, the Image.

For my L. A. T.
and anyone else with memories that get in the way


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