Tears of the King

The throne of the Ancient of Days
is his weeping place

Once, falling and cascading, his tears flooded heaven and filled the earth,
the waters never to fully subside

His face — old lines deep with wisdom;
his being — gentle heart carved with sorrow

Outpoured love and brimming provision rejected turns to salty flow in pain
as the little precious ones choose harm, emptiness, and solitude.

What has been lost was part of him, born out of him

Weighty majesty and crushing grief interlace to form his covering
“We cannot see You! Where have you gone?”

He yet reigns, and weeps

and hopes

–even while some who are his stand back from his embrace,
hands clutching fear, shadows of self, cries of affirmation from the world–

for one to glance up to his face in willing trust;
to look into the eyes of his son

for one to find herself happy in his protecting arms;
to wash the dirt from his daughter’s body

for one to rest close to his heart in peaceful abandon;
to give his children all of Himself and all of home.


3 thoughts on “Tears of the King

  1. It made me think of sitting by a warm fire on a cold snowy evening. We want to feel warm all over, but the fire only reaches us one side at a time. It can give us total warmth if we will only turn a bit, but our worldly desires get in the way.
    Thanks for giving me a moment to think about the one who keeps me warm inside with his never ending love.

    Great job Kelly!
    Happy Birthday!
    Luv ya.


  2. First of all Happy Birthday, sounds like I missed it but I do hope it was a beautiful day!
    Secondly, this touched my heart, reminding me that I too often hold myself back from the One who loves me and knows me better than I know myself. Made me want to throw off the fear and lack of faith in this One, throw open my arms and dance with all my might before my Heavenly Father following Him with everything I am, with every breath I take. What a God….what a Savior! Thank you. Love you precious one.


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