ever the Refiner’s cleansing light



Screeching reeling drunken darkness rushed forth

burst, blown open


Your Light had penetrated another of my remaining dark holds

terror surged out

Cowering, fear, doubt, all dragged to light,


their last attempts–


your God cannot see you

your God has forgotten you

your God has no special love for you


Suddenly, all was cleared–

the foundings were gone, taken captive or enveloped in light,



{left     open}


in abrupt and breathing peace


waiting for The Lord, waiting as space to be filled

with trust, safety, and knowing…


oh Jesus how can you stand to take these evils upon yourself

each one aimed at Your heart, an arrow of malice

Holy One You never run out of strength within Yourself, You never change

You stand there even as I beat Your chest with my fists.


{an encounter with Him, recorded about two weeks ago}


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